‘WTF’ was a ‘supergroup’ of internet trolls that caused a stir at Apple’s WWDC keynote

The event was supposed to be a big celebration of Apple’s new iPhones and accessories, but that all changed on the heels of the disastrous launch of the iPhone 5S.

A group of online trolls were able to create a social media video featuring a group of Apple employees posing in front of an Apple logo, and the video spread like wildfire, provoking a major social media storm.

The reaction was so strong that Apple quickly pulled the video and the employees involved were fired.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook was not among the many who were offended by the video, and a few months later, Apple started taking a much more hands-off approach to its employee-generated content, including social media.

The company has also made the decision to restrict what employees can post on social media in an effort to protect their jobs.

It’s hard to say how the company plans to handle these situations in the future.

The way things stand, the company has no plan to limit how much content it allows employees to share on social.

The fact that there’s a lot of attention being paid to this event shows just how much the company is concerned with the public’s reaction to the company’s new product, and how much it wants to avoid the same problems that have plagued Apple in the past.

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