Why women’s fashion continues to make headlines

Women’s fashion in Canada continues to attract attention in a number of ways.

Here are five of them.


The most successful fashion brand in the country is women’s clothing brand Jil Sander.

Its latest collection was launched in February 2016, and the collection is an international bestseller.

Jil sander has created a new range of women’s clothes, including a line featuring its own signature pieces.

It has also launched a new line of men’s clothes.

It also launched an online fashion catalogue in November 2015, and it continues to expand its online presence.


Fashion brand Elle, which was founded in 1987, has become Canada’s most-watched fashion brand by the time of its 2015 IPO.

The company has a reputation for high-quality design and innovative technology.

Elle has also won a number, including three B.C. fashion awards and an American Design Award.

Elles new collection is a major part of a $500 million expansion, which will see it launch more stores and expand its network of distribution.


The fashion industry in the United States continues to be dominated by men’s brands.

The market for men’s clothing is in the midst of a dramatic growth, with new retailers like Urban Outfitters and Levi’s recently entering the market.

As well, there are more men’s-focused brands like Gap and Levi Strauss.

In the United Kingdom, however, there is little to differentiate men’s fashion.

While women’s designers have been busy making fashion more feminine, men are increasingly turning to women for advice on styling and fashion.

The new fashion trends have also brought with them a more general shift away from traditional feminine designs and styles, which have been seen as too masculine.


The first female fashion designer in Canada is also one of the most successful women in the industry.

The founder of B.F. Brantley, who also goes by the stage name of Brantette, is credited with developing the style of her first collection.

Brants original style of feminine silhouettes, made with sequins, is considered one of her most popular pieces.


There are currently four Canadian women who are among the world’s top 10 fashion designers.

Their work has helped to popularise fashion in a new way, and they are seen as icons for the female fashion industry.

For example, Sophie Germain, the founder of Fendi, is one of Canada’s top designers.

Germain is also the sister of fashion icon Lise Germain.

In addition to being a designer, Germain has worked with top fashion designers like Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour, Dior and Calvin Klein.

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