Why the NFL is doing something different this year

The NFL is launching a new website that will give fans a new way to watch the games, and it will help them find all the latest news on the game.

The website, which will launch in time for the start of the 2017 NFL season on Sunday, will be launched by NFL Network, NFL.com, CBS Sports, and Bleacher Report, NFL vice president of digital innovation and technology Rich Greenfield said Tuesday in a statement.

The new website will be similar to a live stream from the NFL Network.

It will include content that will be available on all NFL Network channels, including ESPN, ESPN2, CBS, NFL Network mobile apps, NFL Game Pass, NFL Extra, NFL Now, and the NFL App.

It also will have a team-wide sports section, which includes live video of all games.NFL.com will have the same sports section that will provide access to all NFL games, along with a complete NFL coverage of all sports on the site, Greenfield added.

Fans can access the NFL’s latest news and analysis from a variety of places.

They can also access live stats from the game, including total yards, touchdowns, and total points, as well as the most-watched and most-trending clips on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and more.NFL Network will have live video coverage of every game from the 2016 regular season through the 2017 playoffs.

Fans will be able to watch NFL Network games and NFL Network highlights on their computers, mobile devices, and connected TVs.

They will also be able access the live streaming on their consoles and mobile devices.

The NFL Network has been the go-to source for news about the games and players for a decade.

The network also has a large sports department, including the NFL, the NFL Draft, and NFLPA, which hosts an extensive video archive of the game-day experience.

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