Why ‘Glee’ is a perfect metaphor for a country of love

It’s been a few years since the show first aired, and while the new season is still in the early stages, the show has made a huge impact on a generation of American kids.

While it’s hard to pin down exactly how many kids watch it, the ratings have been astronomical.

It has garnered a massive following on social media, and the show is being hailed as a symbol of American youth culture, in a country that is still reeling from the devastating events of Sept. 11, 2001.

In an interview with the New York Times Magazine, show creator and star Leslie Jones said that when she first saw the first season on Netflix, she was inspired by the show’s theme song.

“I saw it as the perfect metaphor of America, that it was a place of love, and that the only thing we needed was a little more love, a little less pain,” she said.

The show has had a massive impact on pop culture, especially with the election of President Donald Trump and the rise of the alt-right movement.

When the show premiered in 2017, it had its fair share of critics and fans who criticized its depiction of white masculinity.

But Jones and her co-creators have taken the criticism to heart, and they have worked to bring the show back to its roots.

They recently released a new episode of the show called “Glee,” which was filmed in New York City, where the show stars the showrunners, and stars all of its cast members.

“We had a lot of backlash from people who thought it was racist or sexist, and I think the response was a huge, huge help,” Jones said.

“We were like, ‘Hey, it’s just a show!

It’s just us!'”

The show stars Kate McKinnon and Alex Borstein, both of whom have made headlines for their progressive views.

Jones, who is black, is a vocal supporter of Black Lives Matter.

As the president of the American Civil Liberties Union, Jones has made it her mission to hold Trump accountable.

Her first major campaign was against the executive order banning transgender people from the military, and she’s since called on other politicians to follow suit.

Jones and her husband have a six-year-old daughter, Charlotte.

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