Which Australian fashion trends are most influential?

Brisbane fashion journalist and blogger Beth Coggan is looking to help fashion industry leaders understand the influence fashion has on their clients and their brand.

She said the fashion industry is often “overwhelmed” with information and she wanted to provide people with a “big picture view” of fashion’s impact on the world.

“I wanted to look at the top fashion trends that we all have a lot of faith in,” she said.

“We’re not all wearing the same shades and styles but we all are trying to get the same result.”

Ms Coggans work in the fashion sector, which is constantly changing, and she said the industry’s current fashion trends were “so new” and there were so many new things to discover.

“People can see that the world is changing and the trends are shifting and that the clothes are going to be different, and that’s why I think fashion has such an influence,” she explained.

“They’re changing from the top down and not the bottom down, so there’s so much to discover.”

Fashion trends can also help people understand what is “cool” or “out there” when it comes to a particular topic, like whether or not a certain product is “fashionable”.

“If I was in the industry and I had a product that was not ‘out there’ and people said it was ‘not cool’ then it was a bit frustrating for me to know that,” Ms Coghan said.”[But] I do have to take the feedback from people and see how I can make that product more appealing to the consumers and how I think it can be done better.”

Ms Hildebrandt, from the Australian Fashion Institute, said fashion was a key driver for the future of the fashion and lifestyle industry.

“What is interesting is that it’s becoming more and more a global industry,” she told News Corp. “It’s becoming a global consumer product and as consumers are looking for more fashion-related products and brands to cater to them, fashion is going to play a huge role.”‘

Fashion is a global brand’Feminism and women’s rights have become increasingly important in the global fashion industry and Ms Hildekindt said fashion had played a big role in the shift to gender equality.

“Women are more likely to dress in the same way that men do, wear the same colours, wear hats and have the same shoes,” she added.

“The fashion industry, and women specifically, is a really big part of this.”

In Australia, fashion has become a global product and it’s an important part of the culture.

“She said fashion would be “a global brand” in the future and women would “continue to be able to create fashion that is a reflection of themselves”.

Ms Cokgan said fashion represented everything that women were interested in.”

Fashion, particularly in Australia, has become this global, international, global brand and I think that will continue to be the case,” she concluded.


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