When will you be able to wear a leather jacket?

The British fashion designer David McQueen has launched a campaign to end the stigma surrounding leather jackets in Britain, saying that “everyday people” are starting to embrace the look.

He has created a leather-wearing jacket, a T-shirt and a scarf, and said it will be available to buy in stores by December.

“Everyday people are starting the trend of wearing a leather suit, and I want to say that we are finally changing the world,” he said.

“We’re not changing the fashion world, we’re changing the way people dress, and that is why I’m asking for your help to make this a reality.”

The campaign aims to help educate people about the “real” and “fashionable” side of wearing leather jackets.

Mr McQueen, whose designs are made from synthetic fibres, has previously been spotted wearing a black leather jacket with a pink silk tie, a red and black leather belt, and a red leather skirt.

But he said the jacket and trousers were not “fashionably fashionable” and would be a “huge step in the right direction”.

“We have seen a lot of fashion trends in the last few years and what I love about the leather jacket is that it’s the ultimate expression of what a man can do with a leather coat,” he told the BBC.

“I know that many people love a leather shirt, but it’s a little too formal for many occasions.”

“I want people to be able wear a jacket without feeling too forced,” he added.

The campaign will be presented on the BBC’s World Service on Thursday.

What is a leather hat?

A leather hat is an alternative to a traditional wool or synthetic hat, made of leather.

They are usually worn with a bow or bow tie, but can also be worn with trousers, a bow tie and an apron.

What do people think of leather jackets?

A poll published on Thursday by British Apparel found that more than two-thirds of people in Britain support the new leather jacket, while almost two-fifths of people said they would consider buying one if it was made of the material.

But while many of the respondents support the jacket, they have expressed concern about its durability and its “fashionability”.

The survey also found that only 28 per cent of respondents were comfortable wearing leather coats in public, compared to a poll conducted last year by research company Brandwatch that found 60 per cent said they did not feel comfortable wearing a jacket in public.

What are the downsides of wearing the jacket?

Many people are concerned about the coat’s “fashionableness” and are unsure of whether it would be able and comfortable for them to wear, according to the survey.

Mr Schilling added that many leather jacket customers are women who want to be dressed modestly and with “a sense of style”.

But he told The Times: “I think people are just looking for something they can wear and they just don’t know what they can do.”

“We all have different styles, so I think there is always going to be that divide between those who are interested in it and those who don’t.”

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