When Will The ‘Tombstone’ Shirt Go Back On Sale? (Again?)

The first issue of the Tombstone shirt was discontinued in August of 2013, and a second issue of it is now available.

However, we don’t know when the third issue will return.

The last issue was released in November, but the shirts are not being reissued for sale.

Sources have confirmed that the third shirt will not be returning to stores.

Tombstones are currently available in three different styles: the “Tomb” one, the “Mile High” one and the “Highland” one.

The shirts feature a red background with the word “TOMBSTONE” written in bold letters on it, with the words “T-Town” and the words, “Made in the USA.”

The shirt is available in a wide variety of colors, but will be available in the “Light Gray” option, which has the word T-Town printed on it in white.

The shirts are available at T-town stores in the United States and Canada, but no other U.S. locations have them.

One of the reasons the shirts were discontinued was that T-T-T, the brand, decided to make a limited run of the shirts.

When you order a Tombstone tee, you are not guaranteed to get it unless you ask for it, which is pretty disappointing.

Source: T-t-town via Instagram

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