When will the next iPhone 5s ship?

I got a little distracted when I was watching my phone buzz at the end of the first episode of “Gossip Girl” about a fashion show. 

But the show isn’t about fashion at all.

It’s about a family drama about a young girl, and it was all about fashion.

The show’s producer, Amy Sherman-Palladino, said in a press release that “The new iPhone 5S is a bold, forward-looking design that redefines what looks good and feels great.”

I was at a show at the mall, and there were hundreds of people in line to get in the door to buy the new phones.

A lot of people were excited to get their hands on a new phone, and I couldn’t help but be one of them. 

The phones were already being released on the weekend for pre-order, and some of the press releases were already going viral.

But I didn’t get a chance to get my hands on the phones until today.

I’m a geek, and the first time I saw the new iPhones, I thought, “I have to get one.”

I’m a writer and editor, and while I love to travel, I’m always looking for places to go and places to live.

This year, I decided to move to the Northeast, where I’m from.

I found a hotel in New Jersey and rented a room in the rooming house I was living in. 

In November, I was in a car with a guy named Mark who’s my girlfriend, and we were driving down the road in our SUV, talking about how I love New Jersey, where the people are friendly and everything is so cool.

The car’s on fire.

We’re in New York City and I’m in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

“I have a friend who’s a journalist,” Mark said.

“I want to talk to him about this story, but I don’t know if I’m going to make it to the hotel room.

I can’t find a hotel, but the next day, we’ll go and check it out, and he’ll show me the hotel.

That’s how I’m doing things right now.

I don (know) where I am, and that’s where I need to go.”

So Mark goes out to a hotel and goes through the lobby and sees a guy, a woman and a boy, all of whom are all wearing the same thing: the same white coat, the same pair of jeans, the exact same shoes. 

They’re all dressed in the same way. 

Mark tells them they’re in the New York Hilton, which he says is just across the street from his apartment building.

They’re all wearing white coats and jeans, but they don’t look like they’re on vacation.

They have a few bucks in their pockets and are not wearing any makeup. 

When he goes to check out, he says, “What’s your name?

Who’s that?

Is that you?

I thought you were just a guy.” 

Mark walks into the elevator and sees two young women.

One of them looks to be a young woman who looks like she’s been working in a factory. 

She’s got a black T-shirt that says “I’m going shopping” on it.

The other girl, wearing a red dress with white embroidery on the chest, is dressed in a black and white shirt with a white stripe on the sleeves and a white star on the collar. 

It’s a classic dress.

The girls are wearing white shoes.

The elevator door opens and Mark walks in.

He says, “Where are we?” 

Mark says,  “In the mall.” 

“In a mall?” 

“Yeah, in a mall.

We got a brand new phone in our hands.

You know what that means?” 

The elevator doors closes, and Mark says,”That’s it, this is how it’s going to be.

We’ve been here for about a year.

Now we just need to figure out how to make this work.

We need to start by making this work.” 

The two women go into a store and the elevator doors opens and the girls say, “We got a new model.” 

They go into the car and drive out of the mall. 

After a few minutes, Mark says to me,  “Did you see that girl?

I said, “Oh my god.” 

I think I heard the words, “we got a model.”

I’m like, “Wow.” 

He’s telling me that this is what he’s doing to make sure that the new models are successful, and if that means he’s taking some time off work to help them out. 

I was a little bit scared.

I’ve been with Mark for a year and a half, and this is the first thing I’ve heard that would give me a bad vibe. 

My first reaction was, “Really

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