When it comes to wearing shoes, a shopper’s shoe should be just as much about style as function

Recode’s Kevin Roose reports from Los Angeles that wearing shoes shouldn’t just be about looking stylish.

In the shoe world, this has led to a lot of designers thinking about how to take what makes a good shoe and apply it to the world of fashion.

This, he says, is where the new style movement has emerged.

“The old style of the shoe has been about the function of the shopper,” Roose says.

“Now it’s about the look and the functionality.”

The new trend for style: A smart and functional shoe The smart and useful shoe is often used as a way to introduce a more functional shoe, and that is what shoe designer Ralph Lauren and designer Jil Sander have been working on.

“It’s a much more personal style that’s about function,” Sander says.

The new look is in the shape of a pair of sandals, which are designed to provide traction, cushion and comfort.

“We’re trying to create a way for the consumer to be able to wear these shoes with their feet,” Sanders says.

JilSander, Ralph Lauren, Jil and Ralph Lauren teamed up to create the Sanders Sandals.

They’re designed to offer comfort and support, which means they are meant to be worn on the feet.

They feature two heel straps, one that slides over the other, to support the toes, and a heel box, which is meant to help to provide additional traction.

“Our philosophy is to make shoes that are not only functional, but also beautiful and stylish,” Sandner says.

A smart, functional shoe A smart pair of shoes has become a popular trend in the past few years.

But the shoe market has changed dramatically in the last two years.

And the most important factor in the evolution of the modern shoe is its form factor, says Marc DeFranco, a professor of footwear design at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

The traditional way of designing shoes is still very much the way it was in the 1980s, he explains.

“You’ve got to make them with a narrow, narrow sole,” he says.

For instance, the shoe can be made from a lightweight, lightweight canvas or rubber.

“And the idea is that you have to use a lot more materials in those shoes,” DeFrancos says.

In order to get a high-quality shoe, he suggests designing the shoe from the inside out, with a wider sole and more flexibility in the foot.

But DeFrancons also says that it’s important to have a pair that offers the wearer the comfort and style that they want.

“There’s this whole thing of design that says, ‘Look, this shoe should feel good on your foot,’ ” he says to Recode.

“But there’s a lot going on inside that shoe that’s going to make it feel good and look good.

And so, you have these things that are kind of very much about the comfort.”

The smart shoes can also help to improve the performance of the shoes.

DeFrancon says that the more flexibility that you give the foot, the better the shoes can function.

“That’s a very important element,” he explains to Reco.

“A very important one.”

A smart-like shoe with a function like a camera The latest trend is a smart-looking shoe, which may look like a high end pair of high-end shoes, but can actually do a lot to help the wearer.

For example, a pair like the new XO1 has a smart screen, which can help the user to keep track of his/her steps.

A shoe like the ZERO5 has an integrated camera.

But most importantly, a smart shoe can provide a function that makes a smart pair more useful, DeFrancoins says.

And this is where shoes like the Nike FuelBand can really shine.

“They’ve got an embedded GPS, which actually gives you real-time location,” De Franco says.

That means that you can get a real-world sense of how fast you’re walking and, in turn, how long it will take to get back to your destination.

But a smart, useful shoe isn’t just about the functionality. “

This kind of smart function can also make a shoe more comfortable to wear, as it provides a sense of security and comfort to the wearer, De Francox says.

A well-designed pair of smart shoes also means that the consumer will be more likely to return to them over and over again. “

These shoes should have a great feel to them, too,” he adds.

A well-designed pair of smart shoes also means that the consumer will be more likely to return to them over and over again.

“I think the key thing is to have that feeling that you’re going to be there for a long time,” De Franco says.

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