What the Kardashians are saying about Donald Trump’s fake news

“The Kardashians” is taking a swipe at Donald Trump and his fake news claims during the presidential campaign, saying the President-elect is a hypocrite.

The reality star, whose real name is Kourtney Kardashian, said on Thursday that while her daughter was a child, she and her husband had to put up with some “tasteless” news that went out of control and that eventually they were able to “figure out” what was going on.

Kardashian made the comments on Twitter on Thursday morning, calling out Trump for tweeting “fake news” that had been spreading around his campaign for months.

“We don’t like the way he’s treating the media,” the reality star told Entertainment Tonight host Giuliana Rancic.

“He’s like a dog that’s always biting at your leg, and when you try to get away from it, he bites back.

It’s just disgusting.”

The Kardashian said that while she and husband Kris Jenner were struggling to be able to read the fake news in the news cycle, Trump was tweeting “tear it down” instead.

“He was like, ‘I can’t read the news because you’re a little bit out of your mind,'” she said.

“I said, ‘Look, I have to get my dad, my husband, and my two kids ready to go out to dinner.’

He’s the one who’s always yelling ‘BITCH’ at people,” she said of the President. “

The reality stars daughter said that, as they tried to get the kids to go to dinner, Trump would “toss them into the air and scream ‘Bitch’ all over the place.””

After the Kardashian’s comments were picked up by media outlets, the reality stars were quick to point out that Trump was not actually tweeting out the fake stories.””

And he gets the girls to go, ‘What are you doing?!'”

After the Kardashian’s comments were picked up by media outlets, the reality stars were quick to point out that Trump was not actually tweeting out the fake stories.

“So if he’s saying that ‘tear down the wall’ instead of ‘burn it down,’ we’re just being ridiculous,” Kourtneys sister, Khloé Kardashian, told ABC News in a statement.

“What Donald Trump was doing was spreading fake news that had become a serious problem in the media, including the fake story about his mother being a child molester.

And that is exactly what the Kardashia family stands against.

We are saddened by what Donald Trump is doing and hope that his presidency will bring a brighter future for all of us.”

The reality show star and her family have been outspoken in their opposition to Trump’s presidency, even taking to social media to call for a boycott of his products and to criticize the election results.

They’ve also gone to great lengths to defend the family’s charitable foundation, the Khloés, which has received millions of dollars from corporations and philanthropic organizations across the globe, including an estimated $200 million from a group of billionaire investors who have pledged $25 million to the foundation.

In February, Kourtons sister, Kim Kardashian West, and her boyfriend, Kanye West, both took to Twitter to attack the election.

The tweets, which were later deleted, accused both Trump and Clinton of making “bigoted, bigoted, hateful statements” that could be “sued by the media as libel.”

Kardasian, meanwhile, has made a point of not defending the President, calling him a “disgrace” in a post on her social media accounts last year.

“No one deserves to be treated as a human being,” she wrote.

“It’s disgusting and despicable to think that a man can be treated this way and still be president.”

“We are outraged that the media would make this kind of statement, and I am asking everyone to stand up to him and to take a stand against this disgusting and reprehensible behavior.”

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