What does Bof?

Bof fashion and design house Bof has announced the launch of a new line of fashionable footwear.

The footwear line will be available to consumers in the United States from November 18th, with plans for the UK launch to follow in the first quarter of next year.

Bof fashion brand spokesperson Nadeem Akhtar told Styleforum that the new line is an extension of the brand’s original footwear collection, with the focus now on women’s fashion.

“The new footwear line has been developed for a range of customers who like to travel and have a stylish wardrobe and they’re looking for the latest and greatest footwear for everyday wear,” he said.

“Bof has been a part of the global fashion scene for decades and we want to extend that experience to our customers in the UK and beyond.”

“B of Fashion is the only fashion brand that delivers quality footwear that looks great on and is stylish on the go.”

The footwear will feature leather sole, suede lining, and a new leather upper, with an eye on the “fashion-forward” look.

“For our footwear collection we have chosen to work with some of the best footwear brands in the world, and we are confident in our footwear,” said Akhtar.

“We’ve designed our footwear to fit the modern day woman’s wardrobe and we have partnered with a number of world-class footwear brands for this new collection.”

In addition to our signature shoe, we have also developed a range for our men’s collection that is built on timeless classic styles.

“The new Bof collection will be made from a range that has been inspired by a range from the 1920s, as well as incorporating some of today’s fashion trends.”

Today’s women look to the modern style to help them to achieve their goals,” said Bof Fashion marketing director Azzam Hussain.”

A stylish pair of jeans or dress shoes that look good on and look great on is the perfect choice for a modern day look.

“For example, the new B of Fashion footwear collection is a modern interpretation of the classic 1930s style.”

He added that the brand had taken a “real interest” in the current fashion trends, with designers taking inspiration from the “new and exciting trends in the fashion industry”.

“We are also keen to explore our new range and work with the best fashion designers and designers from around the world to create our new collection,” he added.

B of Fashion has also announced a new fashion campaign for this year’s Fashion Week, which sees the brand debut the “Fashion of the Year” logo.

The campaign will launch on November 13th, and is set to be an interactive experience for consumers.

“Celebrate the diversity and beauty of women and their creative talent in the most colourful, fun, and inspiring way,” the brand said in a statement.

“You can watch the first episode of the fashion campaign on Bof on the official Bof Facebook page.”

Styleforum has contacted Bof for comment.

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