Tokyo Fashion Week 2016: Winners and losers

A new edition of Tokyo Fashion Weeks 2016 has been released, but we have to admit, the winners are a bit disappointing. 

This year’s list was released on Sunday by fashion house Kiyosuka, and it’s all about the same for the fashion-forward, the fashion conscious, the stylish, and the stylish-minded. 

We have a winner and a loser in each category, and we can’t disagree with them. 

So let’s take a look at the top 10 fashion picks from 2016. 

And then, of course, let’s dive in and read the winners, losers, and overall winners. 

First, the winner! 

 Tokyo Fashion Week’s first edition of the Tokyo Fashion Awards was held on February 17, and featured a total of 17 winners and 13 losers. 

The winners are: 1. 

Nikkosha Kojima , fashion designer and designer of Nika, a women’s clothing brand based in Osaka, Japan. 


Mikki Mirota , artist and model from Tokyo, Japan, who was nominated for best new fashion brand. 


Kimura Yuki , artistic director of Tokyo, a new clothing brand, based in Kyoto. 


Riko Nijimura , designer and designer at fashion brand Kikki, which launched in 2013 in Osaka. 


Shizuka Masahiko , curator and designer at fashion label Daimyo, which launched in 2015 in Tokyo. 


Ishino Nishio , director of fashion brand Kiko, which was launched in 2009 in Tokyo, and winner of the 2016 Tokyo Fashion Award. 


Sakura Shimomura , editor of fashion label Kiko , winner in the fashion category. 


Yutaka Yamaguchi , head of design at Kiki, which debuted in 2007 in Osaka and was launched in 2015 in Tokyo and was named one of the top 100 fashion brands of the world. 


Takayoshi Nagamatsu , producer of Kikkoman, which opened in 2007 and is based in Tokyo and was named the most influential Japanese designer. 


Jun Fukunaga , creator of VIP (fashion design) brand Miku, which was launched  in 2003 in Tokyo with the theme ‘I love fashion and life in general’. 

All the winners in the same category:1.

Nika Kojimas design, a women’s fashion designer based in Japan 2, Riki Mito design (design for the Tōkyō district), a woman’s fashion brand based in Kyoto 3, Takaaki Nakamura design  (design for Tokai distributor Nakasun), the most innovative fashion designer in Japan4, Kyōsuke Matsuzawa design     (creative collaboration with Miyamoto Design Group), an artist who is working on a collaboration with Yoshihiro Sakurai of Sakurai Design Group in Tokyo 5, Saya Nakagawa artist (artist working with) the designs of  Tokyo distribute Kiss and Shiro distributes Akihiro Fukushige photography (photography of Tokyopop photographer Katsuyuki Matsumoto for a collection for Kikkoman), winner in the fashion design category (above) 6, Nami Kōbun design   (design in Tokya distributed with the Kimi brand)7, Kimishima Yoshiyuki artist  (artist working with Kikkomon photographers for the Nika collection), design for the collection (below) 8, Kōdai Akio artist     artist   (artist and design in Tokyo)9, Shigeru Miyamoto design  (director for The Kumamoto collection)10.  Shizuyu Nijimura artist (artist working with Mimi photograph on Toshio collection, designing for Tokyo distribution of the Saku collection in Japan), founder of Tokyo s new fashion distribuent Shiki (Tokyo’s newest fashion brand Shikig

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