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‘I’d love to go back to Japan’ – ‘I have a dream of going back to Tokyo’

A high school student in Japan who said she would love to travel to the US and visit the famous Japanese city of Tokyo if she had the opportunity said she is ‘happy’ with her situation.“I’ve had a lot of pressure in the past year, but I’m happy now,” 18-year-old Kanaaki Uchida told The Japan […]

The world’s biggest brands: How to spot a good new product

Balenciagar fashion magazine has launched its first-ever lookbook of the year, featuring 10 products from Japanese fashion brand Balenco.The magazine is available now for pre-order in its online shop.The collection is curated by the Japanese fashion designer Yuki Kajiura, who has also worked with Balencia as a fashion editor.You can see more images and watch […]

How to make a fashionable, high-quality cotton dress: Here are some tips from fashion designer and author Kristin Niles

When you’re shopping for a dress, the more attention you pay to quality and craftsmanship, the better.So it was with Kristin and her own fashion collection.Kristin has been producing clothing for more than 20 years, and it’s one of the reasons she’s such a huge fan of the fashion industry.She loves to talk about how […]

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