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How to be a ‘diamond in the rough’ in fashion, says actress Shilpa Shetty

A diamond in the road, in the words of Shilpi Shetty, isn’t the only thing she has been working on.Shilpi was recently honoured by the Indian Film Academy with the prestigious National Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Film.“This is the first time I’m really getting recognised, and I feel like this is the […]

Bollywood stars to boycott ‘Cinderella’ for ‘insensitive’ comments on transgender rights

The Bollywood movie ‘CINDERELLA’ is set to be banned from the Oscars next month, citing a controversial scene in which a transgender character is subjected to brutal violence and rape by an abusive husband.A number of Bollywood actors and actresses have signed a letter demanding that the Oscar ceremony be moved from January 28 to […]

‘Glamorous’ fashion designer says she is ‘too shy to wear dresses’

The glamour designer and fashion designer, Lani Lamanna, has revealed she is too shy to go to the prom in a candid interview with The Times.Lamanna, who has been dating designer Adam Lees since 2013, has also said she is not interested in having children, and has a child on the way.But the fashion designer […]

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