Spanish fashion editor says she has been ‘humiliated’ after tweeting that ‘the world is racist’

Spanish fashion news website El Reg has reported that fashion editor Elisa de Castro has been suspended from the magazine after it was revealed she had tweeted “the world isn’t racist”.

The publication’s Spanish version has since taken the magazine to court over the suspension, which is expected to be upheld by a judge.

Ms de Castro’s tweets on March 25 referenced the “blackness of the world” and suggested “all white people are racists”.

The article went on to say that “it’s time for all whites to get on their knees and say: ‘I’m racist.

I don’t believe that the world is all white, I don, I, I am racist’.” The Spanish version of El Reg, however, said that “there was no intention to create offence”.

The Spanish language version of the magazine was removed from the internet shortly after the article was published, but has since been restored.

The magazine has previously apologised for the comments and said that the editor has been “humiliated and belittled”.

The editor told the newspaper that she had not intended to create “insulting and discriminatory statements”, but that she was “very surprised and surprised” that she and the magazine had been attacked online.

She added that she would “absolutely not apologise for anything”.

“I’m very sorry that I caused offense, I’m very very sorry,” Ms de Cuba told the publication.

The publication has apologised to the editor and said it has taken steps to “improve the culture of El Repertoria”.

“The magazine and its editors are not immune from the consequences of their actions.

This includes the immediate suspension of the editor, the suspension of a second editor, and a further suspension of several others,” the publication said.

El Reg is not the only Spanish publication to have faced legal action over racism and the promotion of hate speech in recent years.

Last year, Spanish newspaper El PaĆ­s published an article alleging that the Spanish government was attempting to “silence” critics of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The article said that critics had been censored from the media for speaking out against Erdogan.

“The government has been doing this with the help of the media in the last two years,” it added.

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