JAPAN FASHION NEWS: ‘Mamoru Oshii’ Gets his Makeover!

It’s been a busy year for the menswear brand Mamoru Oshishi.

The Japanese designer and the owner of mens fashion brand Mamuriko, has released a collection of clothes that is the first one of the brand’s kind.

Mamuriko’s “Men’s Style” collection is designed to be a more playful and relaxed version of the classic men’s wardrobe.

The collection consists of a number of items that are designed to make men feel more relaxed and relaxed in their everyday lives.

For instance, the collection features shirts with “Lemon” print, which is a bright and cheerful pattern that can be easily seen when you are walking around the house.

In addition, the “Mamuro” collection includes an array of men’s accessories, including jackets, shorts, trousers, socks, and even men’s shoes.

This collection also includes a collection with the slogan “Dance” printed on the front, which can be worn while dancing, as well as accessories that can also be worn in different areas of the house including a belt, a pair of socks, a belt buckle, and more.

As we’ve mentioned before, the Mamuriki Collection is the latest release from Mamoru, and is being released in collaboration with a Japanese fashion brand, Naver.

This collaboration is expected to be the first in a new collection of Mamurikis, which includes the new collection in Japan.

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