India’s top fashion designers are ‘happy to help’ as fashion industry struggles

Business Insider – 2:45PM ET – By Liza Rade, ‎”There’s a lot of pain in the industry right now, but we want to be here and help out,” said Rani, whose clothing line is selling out on Amazon, and whose fashion line, Zara, is being sold by Snapdeal. 

Rani said she had received a lot more feedback on her product than she expected.

“When I first heard the term, I thought it was a bad word, but I thought ‘okay, I guess it’s a good word,'” she said. 

She’s now selling Zara through her website, Zarama, and has been working to expand her business.

“I’ve always been a fashion designer.

I’m a designer in my heart.

And so this was just something that I felt really good about,” Rani said.

Zara was launched in India last year, and it has been a hit with consumers and designers alike.

Zara sells in more than 2,500 stores across the country.

“Zara is a brand that’s been a part of my life, and I’m happy to help out with it,” said Shashi Varma, who has worked at Zara since 2011.

“We have a brand with a great message and it’s always been about empowering women, empowering women in the fashion industry, empowering the women in our communities, and helping women in need,” Varma said.

While Zara is sold through Amazon, Rani is selling through Snapdeal, which is in talks to expand its fashion business.

Rani’s work has brought her in touch with some of the top fashion minds in the country, including designer and fashion blogger Neeraj Kumar, who told Business Insider she was a huge fan of Rani’s.

“She is a very inspirational woman,” Kumar said.

“In her heart she believes in the power of a strong female voice.

The fashion industry is a tough place for women to be.””

It’s inspiring to see that there is an industry that is thriving that can be so inclusive and supportive for women,” she added.

The fashion industry is a tough place for women to be.

“If I can do anything for the industry, it’s to help it thrive and help it be a place where we can work and work together to change the world,” Rau said.

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