India’s new top fashion designer looks like a new India’s next India’s fashion icon!

India’s first-ever fashion designer with a fashion background, Arvind Sharma, is the man behind the latest trend in Indian fashion and is widely known as a fashion influencer.

Arvind Sharma’s fashion line has been making waves across the country with designs that are bold, bold and bolder than you might expect.

He’s also a fashion pioneer who has launched his own clothing line called Bikki.

In an exclusive interview with The Huffington Report, Arven Sharma discusses the history of his fashion line and what he has learned from the fashion world in India.

He also speaks about the current fashion landscape in India, the recent trend in urban fashion, and the impact of the Chinese in the Indian fashion industry.

Arven Sharma:What are your thoughts on the fashion trends in India?

What was the impact on your career as a designer?

It’s definitely a big change for me.

I think the impact was definitely big for me personally because it has changed my career trajectory and what I was looking for.

I was thinking of going into the fashion industry in India as a young designer, and this is something that I didn’t even really have a chance to think about.

I’ve been working with a few brands in India for a few years now and they are just all over the place.

They’re all just trying to find the next big thing.

They all seem to be trying to do their own thing.

But India is a really big country and I really want to take advantage of the opportunities that India has to be in the top fashion trends.

What do you think are the biggest trends in fashion in India today?

I think it’s the fashion trend of the day.

It’s something that’s very unique in India that is really global and that has been happening since the early 20th century.

There’s no country that has such a rich history of fashion in this fashion history.

There are a lot of places where the fashion is just completely different from one another, but in India it’s really different.

You have the fashion that is modern and the fashion from the 18th century to the 20th.

You also have a lot more of the traditional fashion that has to do with food.

And then you have the new and contemporary fashion.

There is a lot going on.

I think what we’re seeing now in India is really, really new.

The fashion world is really changing.

The trends are really changing as well.

The trend is very interesting.

I don’t think that there’s a trend anymore that’s completely new.

What I’m seeing is a bunch of really unique ideas.

It is interesting, but it’s also very interesting because there’s so much that’s been happening that’s not new.

India is in a huge rush to make something new and unique.

There isn’t any brand in India now that’s doing something that hasn’t been done before.

What do you see as the most innovative thing about the Indian brand right now?

It’s definitely not a new trend in the fashion sense.

I would say that we are in a bit of a frenzy right now in the industry.

People are looking for a new direction in fashion and there is a huge demand for that.

I feel that India is the next place where we will see a big boom in fashion.

What are your impressions on fashion in the country right now, and what are your expectations for the industry?

I love Indian fashion.

I love Indian designers and I love the Indian designers that I work with.

I’m very happy to be able to work with some of these designers.

I like the fact that they are trying to go beyond what we’ve done in the past.

I also love the fact there are so many designers who are really different from what we have done.

India has a lot to offer.

There really is a ton of potential in the market.

There just hasn’t really been a lot done yet.

What’s the best advice you can give to young designers in India right now who want to break into the industry and make a living in fashion?

Make sure that you’re working in a very different space.

I want to make sure that every designer that I see working in India understands that the future is in fashion design.

Make sure that they’re working on something different than what they’ve done before, because they’re going to be a lot better designers.

That’s what I want for all young designers that want to come to India and try their hand at it.

I really hope that the industry can take over India in a big way.

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