How to wear a bikini and what to do when your friends or family are asking for it

What to do if you’re asked to go topless on a beach article Don’t go to the beach naked!

It’s not fun.

It’s rude.

It could also be a safety hazard.

But what to wear to go for it?

And what to look for when you’re out in public?

Here are some tips for those of you who are planning on going nude in public: What to wear: A bikini top and a top with no underwear.

Don’t wear underwear.

Wear a bikini skirt, t-shirt, or sandals.

The beach is open to the public, so you’ll need to be comfortable and covered up.

If you’re in a bikini, make sure to cover your breasts with a towel.

And if you want to go barefoot, you can wear a foot glove.

Wear sunscreen.

Wear gloves and long pants.

Do not put sunscreen on your hands or feet.

A hand towel is also a good idea.

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