How to be a fashion blogger in 2015

“I was going through a rough patch.

I had a child and I was having a hard time finding work.

It was tough to make money on the side.

But I had this feeling that I was doing something that was important, something that I could contribute to.””

I thought, ‘I can get the job done, I can be a good role model for my child.’

I started writing about fashion, and I didn’t do it as a hobby.

I thought it would help my child,” says Tod Brown, author of the new book, Fashion as a Journey.

“And it’s working.”

Brown, who grew up in a working-class household, was a fashion consultant for her mother’s business, a small clothing store.

“I always thought fashion was important,” she says.

“When I was growing up, the kids in my school wore shorts and a t-shirt.

They wore jeans and shirts.””

It was a way for us to show our individuality,” she continues.

“We could dress up, but we didn’t have to.

I always thought it was a privilege to be able to dress as a woman, to wear dresses and heels.”

But she was never able to get a job in the fashion industry.

“It was hard to find a job.

And I was in a very small business, where I could not make enough money to survive,” she recalls.

“My husband worked at a nearby mall, so we didn

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