Fashion News: Gucci’s latest fashion ad is about style and style pays

Fashion News has a new fashion video.

It’s called “Style for Style.”

The video features designer Sharmine Narwani, the wife of fashion photographer, director and stylist, David Narwane, and actor, who plays David’s brother, playing his brother’s sister, playing a character named “Nawal.”

“We wanted to take the opportunity to highlight the important and often overlooked part of the fashion industry,” Sharmin Narwan said.

“It’s a role that has been played by so many talented people, but has been overlooked.”

Narwani said she’s inspired by the success of her husband’s work in creating “the next generation of fashion icons.”

“He is the first to embrace the art of style,” she said.

“He has always been passionate about creating a timeless look that brings beauty to the world.

That’s what we at Gucci are trying to do with the new video, to take that concept and make it something more than a fashion statement.”

Sharmine has made fashion statements like wearing a turban to a wedding, and wearing her hair long for a wedding dress, both of which have become increasingly popular among Indian men.

The video, which is shot in Mumbai, is a way for the designer to showcase her unique style.

“I feel really honored to be a part of this project,” she told ESPN Cri, adding, “I love that I can show my style and be part of something bigger than me.”

Narawani also noted that her husband and the designers at Guccis, which includes designers of the famous brands, had also been very supportive of her in her fashion venture.

“It’s important for us to have such a strong brand that is supporting the creative process, but also being the voice of the community,” she added.

“I am very grateful for the support that I’ve received from the people that have been supporting me.

It has made all the difference.”

Gucci has launched several fashion campaigns in India, including a fashion show for the India-US alliance, a fashion and lifestyle magazine, and a fashion magazine.

The company is also producing the first-ever Gucci apparel collection.

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