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The biggest trends and trends to look out for this year.

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What’s trending in fashion in 2016?

Fashion has been a major focus of the media over the past few years, with news, fashion trends and articles from across the internet regularly featuring the latest in the fashion industry.

The biggest trends in fashion this year have been the shift from the traditional cut to more modern, and the growing number of women wearing casual clothes, which have seen an increase in popularity across the world.

For example, in 2017, the trend in the UK is for men and women to wear a wide range of casual dresses and shirts, with the main trend being for women to opt for more formal pieces with longer sleeves.

There have also been some notable trends in the US in recent years such as the trend for women wearing dresses with longer dresses, or even shorter skirts.

The trend in fashion is not always the same in every country, and some trends may seem more common in certain areas than others.

For example, men may be more likely to wear dress shirts and jeans than women in certain parts of the world, but this does not necessarily mean that women are more likely than men to be dressing casual.

The majority of women, especially younger women, are opting for more casual clothing, with women in some parts of Europe and the Middle East also opting for the more formal look.

As for men, while a few trends have come out of fashion in recent times, there have been fewer women in the workforce and fewer men in the industry wearing suits, ties and tailored suits in recent decades.

This may be because the workforce is more likely for men to take on casual work, as opposed to being part of the traditional business elite.

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