‘Catch Me If You Can’: French Fashion Week opens with fashion show, dress competition

The French fashion week is coming to Paris on Saturday, July 6, with more than 100 fashion shows and events, as well as a fashion show for a new line of high-fashion clothing.

The main focus of the week, according to French fashion designer and fashion writer Emmanuel Legrand, is the “catch me if you can” theme.

“We’ll have three events this week, with the two best fashion shows, one for men and one for women,” he told The Associated Press.

Legrand is one of the leading figures in the fashion world, but he says that’s not why he has chosen to show his couture work on the runway.

He says that there are “a lot of women out there who can do couture, but they don’t want to because they don.t have the budget to wear it,” Legrand said.

LeGrand, who’s a member of the Paris Fashion Institute, is in the United States to launch his own fashion line, L’Oréal.

He says he’s been working on his own clothing line for about 10 years and has built up a collection of more than 300 pieces, but has been hesitant to sell his collection.

The French Fashion Institute will host the “Catch me if You Can” fashion show at the Plaza de la République.

It is expected to attract about 1,500 attendees, according the institute.

Legré says that many of the events will be for men, but there will be a “girls’ show” as well.

Legrand says the line is designed for women who are ready to wear couture.

“Women are not wearing it because they can’t afford it,” he said.

“It’s about money.

You have to have money, and that’s what we have here.”

The line is a collaboration between the fashion house L’Oreal and Legrand.

He plans to release a range of women’s couture dresses and shoes at the Paris event.

“I hope I can make some money for myself and the couture is the main reason why I’m doing it,” said Legrand during a press conference.

“I have an incredible sense of style, and I want to give it to people.”

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