Asian fashion trends for spring 2018

In March 2018, Chinese fashion giant Gucci unveiled a new collection called the Asian Collection, which is inspired by the region’s culture and culture-driven fashion industry.

The collection consists of a mix of designer separates and a number of high-end garments, including a black-and-white jacket, blue denim jacket, a black tuxedo, and a red leather jacket.

The Gucci Asian Collection collection will be available for pre-order beginning on March 21. 

The designer collection will include pieces that highlight the region, including an elegant black and white jacket, black pants, black shoes, and an elegant red leather outfit.

Gucci has also released a range of accessories for the collection.

The company also released their own line of wearable accessories for men, which include a leather belt, a strap with a leather buckle, and leather belts. 

 Read more In addition to Gucci, other designers that will be featured in the upcoming collection include Gucci and Kering. 

Kering is a British designer who has collaborated with fashion houses such as Alexander McQueen, Ralph Lauren, and Gucci. 

Gucci has not yet commented on their upcoming collection. Read More If you want to get the most out of your Spring 2018 Spring Fashion Show, take the following tips to keep your style fresh and your look stylish. 


Wear colors in muted shades (the most flattering color)

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