Month: August 2021

How to design a bespoke, contemporary wedding dress

From a simple bridal gown to a gown for an international wedding, you’ll need to know how to make the most out of your time at the tailor.For that reason, we’re here to help.The designer, designer, and wedding dress market in Australia is in uncharted territory.This year, the likes of Burberry and Valentino are bringing […]

Miami Dolphins’ Ryan Tannehill signs with NFL franchise

Ryan Tansehill, a fourth-round pick in 2017, has signed with the Miami Dolphins, league sources have told ESPN’s Adam Schefter.The decision was first reported by ESPN’s Paul Gutierrez and is expected to be announced Friday.Tansehill was taken in the third round by the Miami Marlins out of Oklahoma State, but is expected, if he signs […]

Which Australian fashion trends are most influential?

Brisbane fashion journalist and blogger Beth Coggan is looking to help fashion industry leaders understand the influence fashion has on their clients and their brand.She said the fashion industry is often “overwhelmed” with information and she wanted to provide people with a “big picture view” of fashion’s impact on the world.“I wanted to look at […]

How to choose your next fashion accessories

It’s no secret that fashion accessories have a strong place in the makeup and hair products industry.But for some, choosing your next look can be a little trickier than it might seem.Here’s our guide to choosing your perfect makeup, hair and beauty products.1.Choose a good brand and style The brand you’re shopping for has to […]

Which is better? – The Israeli or the American?

The Israeli-American fashion rivalry has been a constant source of controversy since the US began trading diplomatic recognition of Israel in 1979, which sparked an unprecedented diplomatic crisis that has lasted for nearly a decade.¬†Since the end of last year, the US has refused to recognize the State of Israel, saying it violates international law.¬†While […]

When Zara and Zara Clothing unveil their fall collection in 2019

Zara Fashion has unveiled its fall collection, featuring the company’s signature bold, bright, and vibrant colors.The collection is slated to hit stores on Sept. 28.“In a world where we feel like our most powerful colours are often invisible and our most iconic brands are often the ones that are seen only when we’re out in […]

Which celine is the most stylish? – The Daily Mail

celine, celine-fashion-news,fashion-daily-news source BBC The headline has been changed from ‘fashion-wise, cels is the best fashion’ to ‘fashion wise, celises fashion is the finest’.Celine-s-fashion is one of the biggest fashion magazines in the world and is published in France and Germany, which has a huge celine population.It is also one of Celine’s largest markets.In a […]

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